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Technology and the Field Examination

One of the benefits of having been around for a long time is that you have an appreciation for just how far things have come.  On the other hand, you also have insight as to just how far we still have to go.  During this post, I’d like to remind everyone of how good we have it yet at the same time expose where we have perhaps missed the boat or have yet to fulfill technology’s promise.  This post will not address performing an EDP audit or an audit of a company’s MIS systems.  It is intended to address how the field examiner utilizes technology that is prevalent and easily accessible. Continue reading

Footing and Cross Footing an AR Aging with Monarch


We are very pleased to have our first guest contributor; Mr. David Gross. David’s company, www.MrMonarch.com, provides Monarch Training and consulting to a wide range of clients, David also has a course designed specifically for Commercial Lenders, please feel free to contact him at 440.646.0332 or [email protected].

Below is David’s post on re-aging and re-footing an AR report received from a client: Continue reading