Collateral Monitoring Services

ECG has vast experience in all aspects of collateral monitoring.  In addition to performing collateral examinations, we can also handle your collateral monitoring needs.  Services available include:

Borrowing Base Verification/Calculation – using data mining and manipulation technology we can develop models that can be reused to calculate borrowing base ineligibles and availability easily and accurately for a myriad of reporting formats and borrowing base structures.

Monthly Reporting Packages  – We can provide  analysis of key collateral metrics including:

    • AR and AP Summary Aging comparisons and trend analysis
    • Inventory component comparisons and trend analysis
    • AR and AP top ten concentrations
    • AR, AP and inventory statistics including dilution, turnover and activity changes/comparisons.
    • Detailed listings of each ineligible balance.

Phone verifications  – We can provide a verification schedule/program to ensure that the reported collateral is verified every month, quarter or any other interval desired by the lender.

    • Verification sampling can be done on a truly random basis, or if desired, we can use our vast experience to review the collateral and identify specific transactions that may pose additional risks.

Desk top audit – With todays technology, it is possible to perform most if not all of an exam remotely.  Of course there is nothing better then “being there” and reviewing actual documents; however, if a borrower has ample availability and a low risk profile a Desk Top/Remote examinations may be preferable.  These exams are generally less intrusive to the borrower and saves the borrower travel expenses.