Collateral Examination Software and Templates

Greg Isenberg has extensive experience in the design and development of collateral monitoring/audit software 
used in the commercial lending industry.  His systems have been used at major lending institutions including
Congress Financial, Bank of New York Commercial Credit, and General Electric Corporate Financial Services.

ECG Enterprises is prepared to assist you with any design or development need, from a single
spreadsheet template to a complete collateral monitoring system

Features of ECG systems include:

  • User friendly Menu/Toolbar to execute common tasks
  • Flexible/scalable structure able to meet the demands of diversified portfolios
  • Standardized schhedules/work papers to ensure high quality
  • Integrated Smart System to perform diagnostic review of audit work papers or collateral monitoring
  • Automated report generation to expedite report write-ups and  ensure all objectives are completely met.
  • Online help system to guide auditors/collateral analysts  through unfamiliar processes
  • Automated processes that complete common tasks such as:
  • Currency conversions
  • No Limit consolidations (completely scalable)
  • Sample generation
  • Generation of summary tables used in reports
  • Comment generation of audit/collateral monitoring results
  • Report creation